Monday Morning Review: The Amazing Potato {and Why It’s Good for You}


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Klondike Au Gratin Royale Potatoes: Taste The Love in Every Bite

Klondike Royale


No matter how you fix your potato, mashed, boiled or baked; the amazing potato is just about on everyone’s favorites list. A comfort food that is hard to beat in taste, but you may be surprised to know it is one of the best sources for nutrients too. There is a lot of healthy mojo packed in that delicious little package.

Did you know Potatoes are a Huge Vitamin Booster?

According to an article in the Daily Mail… “Potatoes were eaten by 19th Century English and Spanish sailors to fend off scurvy. Surprisingly rich in immune-boosting Vitamin C, a medium potato (150g) with the skin provides 27mg, almost half of the recommended daily intake.” and Potatoes are also a rich source of Vitamin B, folate and minerals such as potassium, magnesium and iron.”

Potatoes are rich in Vitamin B-6. The Worlds Healthiest Foods has this to say about the Amazing Potato “If only for its high concentration of vitamin B6—1 medium potato contains over one-half of a milligram of this important nutrient—the potato earns high marks as a health-promoting food.” The Amazing Potato {and Why it's Good For You} A FEW QUICK FACTS ON THE AMAZING POTATO

The Idaho Potato Commission has some great information on the amazing potato…

  • There is more Potassium per serving in a potato than in a banana
  • One potato provides 45% of your daily Vitamin C needs
  • Potatoes are heart healthy, fat free, gluten free and cholesterol free
  • One potato has 2 grams of fiber

All the health benefits of the amazing potato is good news; so enjoy this comfort food and reap all the benefits the potato has to offer.

The Amazing Potato {and Why it's Good For You} AN AMAZING POTATO: THE KLONDIKE ROYALE

This week I am thrilled to be a part of a new campaign at Klondike Brands to introduce The Klondike Royale.  I had the opportunity to try these delicious creamy potatoes and use them in several of my recipes and they were outstanding. The potatoes are unique with little purple kiss shaped marks on the skin and a creamy yellow flesh. I loved the buttery, creamy flavor.  It’s important to mention here that Klondike Brand potatoes are never genetically modified but created through standard breeding practices and conventional growing methods.

Later this week I will be sharing my journey into the potato world.  I had the privilege of seeing how potatoes are harvested and their progression to your table. As the worlds worst Idahoan (I can’t grow a good potato to save my life) I am hoping some of the farmers prowess rubbed off on me through osmosis. But then again, why mess with success. Klondike Brand potatoes are so good, why bother. 



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    • says

      Potatoes are perfect for the fall and winter; we use them a lot here too. It’s good to know that they have great nutritional value. A delicious real food. Thanks for sharing.

  1. says

    I had no idea that potatoes packed such a nutritional punch! With all the concern over carbohydrates in the past few years, they seem to have gained a pretty bad reputation (although we still eat them as if they were the best things ever). I’m happy to know that these wonderful tubers are not only delicious, but so much healthier than I had imagined too. Thank you for sharing such good information.
    Karen recently posted…Fresh Herb PizzaMy Profile

    • says

      Potatoes have received bad press for quite awhile and it’s a shame. They have so much to offer and are a wonderful real food everyone can enjoy. With most real foods it is what you put with them that makes the difference. Thanks for stopping in Karen. It is always a treat.

  2. says


    I had no idea potatoes had so much potassium and vitamin C. I learned something new today. We love potatoes and truly eat a lot of them. Casey is my meat and potato son. He normally lets me know when I do not have meat and potatoes on the table.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Diane Roark

    • says

      They really are a wonder. When I was pregnant with my first child I didn’t crave pickles or ice cream, I craved potatoes! At the time I couldn’t figure out why, now I have a better understanding of all the nutrition packed in these little gems. Thanks for stopping by Diane and have a great week.

  3. NancyLee says

    I love potatoes. But what about the claim that they have 45% of the MDR for Vitamin C? Doesn’t cooking destroy the Vitamin C?

    • says

      Cooking can destroy the vitamin c in potatoes. The common theory is it is better to boil, steam or bake potatoes to retain as much of the Vitamin C as possible. High heat is what destroys Vitamin C. This is why you wont see a good source of Vit C listed for potato chips or french fries. Frying, grilling or roasting takes the temperature of the potato to high, effectively wiping out the nutrient. Thanks for the great question.

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