Foodie Fridays: It’s Fabulous


Pecan Maple Sandies Yes, I realize Cookie Month ’14 has come and gone; unfortunately my last week’s post met a few setbacks. First there was the intensive last minute work schedule that took up so much of my time. Add to that a minor disaster in the kitchen where I’m temporarily staying that saw my baking schedule as well as everything else go completely topsy turvy. See More


Three Cheers for Chili! Chili is incredibly versatile and by switching up a few key ingredients can be changed in an instant. Here are a few great recipes that look especially tasty. Make up a batch and enjoy some over baked or mashed potatoes, on pasta or with a big hunk of corn bread. It all sounds delicious to me! See More

Foodie Fridays: It's Fabulous FOODIE FRIDAYS: IT’S FABULOUS

Welcome to Foodie Fridays Link-Up Party – Where Every Link Gets Pinned! So happy you could make it. We are growing and I’m excited you’re a part of it.

I look forward to seeing you here all bright and shiny every week sharing your awesomeness. I in turn will do all that I can to see you have as much exposure as possible. As you know, Pinterest is where it’s at these days and exposure is key! I love that at Foodie Fridays every link gets pinned. EVERY LINK, EVERY WEEK!!

Here are my favorites from last week…

Foodie Fridays: It's Fabulous Beer Mac N’ Cheese Soup: A Sprinkle of This and That

Foodie Fridays: It's Fabulous Pumpkin, Boubon and Ginger Cookie Ice Cream Cake: Bourbon and Brown Sugar

Foodie Fridays: It's Fabulous Paleo & Vegan Pumpkin Ice Cream: Tessa the Domestic Diva

Foodie Fridays: It's Fabulous Chicken Pot Pie Turnovers: I Thee Cook

I am in the midst of an 8 week assignment in San Diego right now working a lot of hours. Everything is a bit crazy. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon. In  the meantime I sure do appreciate you taking the time to come by and link up to the party.  I am grateful for all the friends who have shared my posts and gone the extra mile during this busy time. Thank you all so much!

A little housekeeping friends so we are all on the same page.

  • Please don’t repeat your posts that you have already shared  at Foodie Fridays. We want to be able to share it on all our social media but find it hard to do when we have already done so. 
  • Foodie Fridays is all about sharing recipes with our friends. If you link up your awesomeness be sure your post is food related with a recipe for us to share.
  • We love sharing and pinning your posts but more than 3 is hard to handle, especially since we give each post our maximum attention. Please no more than 3 posts per party
  • Visit at least 2-3 links and leave a thoughtful comment. Let them know you are visiting from #FoodieFridays. 
  • Share the party so others can join in the fun. 
  • We’d love to connect with you on social media, although that is not a requirement. However if you’d like to check out our Pinterest boards though, we think you’ll find some great pins!

That being said, let’s get on to the party!
#Foodie Fridays Visit Shari @ Pure Grace Farms’s profile on Pinterest. 

Shari @ Pure Grace Farms / Petro @ The Seaman Mom / Michelle @ A Dish of Daily Life / Mila @ Girl and the Kitchen / Christie @ A Kitchen Hoor’s Adventures  /Christine @ Curried Cantaloupe /will be pinning all your awesome photos to our party’s Pinterest board.

Feel free to follow me on any of my social media. I will be sure to follow back!

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Thanks for coming to the party. Have a wonderful weekend!


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      Thrilled you could make it Joanne. I am still on assignment in San Diego working 48 hours a week so my party days are a bit limited until I finish here. Most days I have just about enough left to drag myself home. Thanks for your friendship and all you do for me. I sure do appreciate you!

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      Thanks Heather. I feel a little detached from the blogging world right now but I know this time won’t last forever. I appreciate you joining in today and all your encouragement. One day at a time!

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      Life is a bit or a whirlwind right now. I have missed your parties. 5 more weeks and life will return to a slower pace. Thanks for joining us and hopefully I will be linking up soon.


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