Real Life for Today: 3 Simple Ways to Live in the Moment

“Happiness, not in another place but this place…not for another hour, but this hour.”
― Walt Whitman

Live In The Moment

Real Life is for Today: 3 Simple Ways to Live in the Moment When I was in my teens I thought there was something special about turning 30. The movies I saw and the “older” generation portrayed this time of life so perfectly. I couldn’t wait for the magical number to arrive and looked forward to the day when everything in my life would fall neatly into place. I figured by then I would know where I was going, be in full swing productively and have all my ducks lined up in a row.

What a disappointment it was when 30 actually arrived.  It was just another day. Looking back now the decade was fabulous but I was still very green and hardly knew which way was up. My ducks were not even remotely lined up but scattered about in a myriad of directions. They could be found lying upside down, under cabinets, or buried beneath piles of ash and rubbish waiting to be rescued when the right moment arrived.

Real Life is for Today: 3 Simple Ways to Live in the Moment I swallowed my disappointment, neatly rearranged my thought process and began to look ahead to my 40’s. Surely, that would be my decade. I was certain I would arrive by then. I envisioned perfection. The idyllic swing into calm, collected, and ‘put together’ maturity….sophisticated and accomplished. The energy and focus changed as I once again looked ahead to what was to be.

What happened when 40 arrived could only be interpreted as a beautiful hot mess. There were moments of greatness here and there but, more often than not, everything was topsy turvy. My ducks needed constant attention or they would slip and slide out of place easily, searching for the comforting hiding spots they had long become accustomed to.

Now into my 50’s I begin to see that this is how life is actually meant to be lived. I have eased into the idea that life is for today, not for what might be tomorrow. Perfection is an illusion and those blasted ducks will never stay put like they are supposed to. Chaos, the unexpected twists and turns are NORMAL. I have learned I don’t have to fight it anymore. Thankfully…it’s okay. I’m taking this moment, this day as it comes…reveling in the here and now and it feels just right. 

Real Life for Today: 3 Simple Ways to Live in the Moment 3 Simple Ways to Live in the Moment

Here are three simple ways to live in the moment.

1) Each morning take a moment to reflect on what you have to be thankful for today. It may be as simple as the ability to get out of bed, a job to go to, or the food you have to eat. The important thing is that it is what you have now, not tomorrow or 10 years off in the future.

2) Make a conscious effort to let go of the what-if. Everyone can come up with a what-if fairly quickly. Some examples…what if my daughter doesn’t call me or what if I get sick and can’t go on that vacation. The what-if stops you from living in the moment because of the constant worry of what might be in the future. Let it go. 99.9% of what we worry about never takes place. So why waste your time and energy on the .1%

3) Focus on other’s needs instead of your own. It is impossible to live in the future when you are helping out someone in the present. It may be only a smile, or a shoulder to cry on but that one small act will ground you to the present. 

These are the 3 simple ways I have found that work for me. I would love to hear your thoughts about them and what you have found that works for you.



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    Simple but helpful tips! Yes getting up every morning before the hustle and bustle and “counting our blessings” and the things that we are grateful for is so important… and taking our minds off ourselves and onto others is wonderful, too! Thanks

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    I loved this and boy can I relate. I implemented #1 several years ago and it has been life changing, it’s like waking up and experiencing simple worship of thanks. I always say why wait till Sunday to give thanks. Number #2 I completely agree and I have to constantly remind myself to “Let Things Go” The “What if” is destructive and it really does keep you from moving forward and enjoying the moment at hand. I also agree that it encourages worry which is completely unhealthy. Remembering that God is in control has really helped me here. Number #3 I do enjoy helping others, even when people think I’m a little crazy for doing so. Sharing a smile with a stranger is the best. Simple acts of kindness takes me back to Galatians. I’ve also found that surrounding myself with positive elements, whether it be a quote or just sitting in the garden watching the birds has been helpful to calm myself and enjoy life. Staying off social media has been a huge help, I use to log on everyday because of my blog but this summer I decided to back off and as a result I’m a happier person. Thanks for this….. It’s given me a chance to reflect, it was positive and a great addition to my day.
    Carole West @ Garden Up Green recently posted…Raising Chicks NaturallyMy Profile

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      Thanks for sharing Carole. I know what you mean about surrounding yourself with the positive. In the work environment I am in this is not always possible. I try an insulate myself as best I can and walk away when I am able from the “Negative Nellies”. It is all to easy to join in when my head is not in the place it should be.

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    What a lovely post! I too thought 30 would be awesome, started to feel old at 40 and was thrilled when I turned 50. On my 50th birthday my present to myself was to say I am one of the lucky ones to be able to celebrate this age. Now I will be turning 60 in a few years and look forward to the greater wisdom and sense of satisfaction that comes with becoming that age. You are so correct about letting worry go. It is a waste of time. Take Care!
    Thea recently posted…How To Pack An Organized Travel HandbagMy Profile

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      First of all…I love hearing from you Thea, thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to write. :) I agree it is nice to be in this age where I am at. I have earned my stripes and find that I am more patient, forgiving and less judgmental to the world around me. It took me long enough to figure it out. :)
      Blessings to you friend…Shari

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