Everything you Need to Know about Camping: Part 1 – So you Want to Go Camping?

So You Want to Go Camping?

If you have never tried camping before, the idea of getting outdoors and next to nature can be a little overwhelming. Questions arise quickly… “Where should I go?” “What should I take?”  and “What will I eat?” are just a few that come to mind. Let’s start from the beginning and see if we can get you outdoors and up close and personal to nature. Hopefully after reading a few of these ideas you will be out building a fire, cooking up great meals and leaving all your cares behind in no time flat.

Everything you need to know about camping :Part 1 - So you want to go camping?

What Exactly Is Camping?

Camping is defined by Webster as “a place usually away from urban areas where tents or simple buildings (as cabins) are erected for shelter or for temporary residence.”  Those who camp tend to have strong opinions about camping and will go to great lengths to make sure you know what theirs is. Don’t let that intimidate you. Not everyone enjoys sleeping under the stars or on the hard ground in a tent. RV’ing or renting a cabin still falls under the definition of camping. It is supposed to be fun. The real trick is to find the type of camping that works best for you and for your particular needs. I have found that over the years my needs have changed. Sometimes camping out under the stars was the right way to go, other times nothing less than all the comforts of home were needed and off I went in a cushy, comfy RV.  The point here is that it is all camping and the opportunity to get away. A time to go off the grid, unload your worries and find your happy place. 

Let's go camping

Why Should I Go Camping?

Musings of a Northern Girl says it perfectly.  She gives us great reasons why we should go camping. Two of my personal favorites are…

  1. No schedule: While camping we eat when we are hungry, go for a walk when we feel the urge, go swimming when we are hot, go to bed when we are tired, get up when we are awake. There is no schedule, no need to do something at a specific time. I don’t have that freedom in my regular days, so really enjoy this when camping.
  2. Campfires: I love the tradition of a nightly campfire. There is something very primeval about sitting around a campfire, watching the flames, feeling their heat, telling stories and smelling that campfire smell.


Let's go camping

Where Should I Go Camping?

Where to go camping comes down to two things; time and money. A week off from work and big plans to see the Grand Canyon is wonderful; hiking the Appalachian trail for months at a time even better (I wish). But, not everyone has the time or resources for such extravagance. A limited amount of either shouldn’t deter you from enjoying some moments in the great outdoors. Tim and I usually only have time for little weekend jaunts. It’s not unusual for us to head off to our favorite spot about 60 minutes away. The state campground is close enough to enjoy a weekend away, but far enough from home to feel like we are escaping for awhile. State campgrounds are usually relatively inexpensive with fees running from the $15.00 to $30.00 range per night. This is a good place to begin your search. In Idaho there are many areas where camping is free. It is minimalistic camping with no real facilities, but their are times when this is preferred to a crowded campsite. Check around about the laws in your area. You may find that the same is true for your state.

Let's go camping

In Summary

What it means to go camping may mean something different to each one of us, but ultimately what’s important is that it works for you. Camping allows you the opportunity to unwind, relax and get away from your day-to-day concerns. You get to build campfires and relationships too! Whether you head to the Grand Canyon or just around the corner depends on the time and money you have to spend. Money and time should not be the deterring factor. So carve out some time, dust off your sleeping bag and make a plan to head out sometime soon. Go and find your happy place.

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