Resiliency and Strength

Where there is no struggle, there is no strength. – Oprah Winfrey

The resilient nature and strength we have as human beings is amazing. I see resiliency and strength in a mother, who 1 day shy of turning 42 discovers she is pregnant with triplets. A completely unexpected and miraculous surprise. The idea of triplets alone would be daunting, but to find out as the babies are delivered that “oops, ah, we missed a little something. All three babies have been delivered, but um, we see another set of feet here. It looks like your triplets are actually quadruplets folks” (my personal take on the birthing, not actual quotes from the Doctor).

How to Start Seeds Indoors

Wow, can you imagine? From all accounts, what I have seen of this story and the family is beautiful. The parents are taking what comes their way in stride, managing life one step at a time. Great strength and resiliency during a  daunting yet joyous time.

I also am privy to a show of resiliency and strength in a time of sorrow. A woman friend of mine is struggling with the reality that her brilliant husband and a longstanding pillar of the community,  is slowly losing the mind God so miraculously blessed him with. He who stood strong and courageous in battles waged to better his community, is now facing a different sort of battle. This womans strength to wade in and tackle whatever comes her way, to “just do what has to be done” in the midst of her great pain is awe inspiring and a testament to the resiliency we all can muster up to face whatever challenges that come our way. How to Start Seeds Indoors

Seeing these great examples of strength and resiliency, I am forced to ask myself two questions, “where does this resiliency and fountain of strength come from?” and “will I have what it takes when the time comes for me to face my own challenges?”  In answer, I don’t think this kind of strength and resiliency is won overnight, but developed slowly over time in  the small challenges and petty annoyances we face everyday. How I handle myself with the small things will determine how I respond when the bigger tests come along.  In addition, I am beginning to understand that this kind of strength comes from a source outside myself. It is given to me by God exactly when I need it most. He is always on time giving me the strength I need when I ask Him, and many times even when I don’t. How to Start Seeds Indoors Winter is waning and spring is finally on it’s way. If you haven’t already been thinking about what to plant in your garden, it is time. Hurray! I love getting my hands in the dirt and watching those little shoots spring up from the soil. This is one of my most favorite times of year (actually, I say that about the beginning of every season).

How to Start Seeds Indoors

How to Start Seeds Indoors

Pure Grace Farms

“Where you have a plot of land, however small, plant a garden. Staying close to the soil is good for the soul.” -Spencer W. Kimball

Hi friends. I’m glad you stopped by for a visit. Who knew starting a blog would be so labor intensive? Well, I did, actually.

shari Yet, I see this work as a labor of love because I am sharing something I am deeply passionate about, and I can hardly wait to share that with you. Unfortunately, patience has never been my virtue and at times the enormity of starting a blog leaves me in a panic.  Tim (my husband, the sane and practical one in the family) decided I needed a bit of advice after observing a small melt down one day.  His advice was very simple…  “Slow down, relax, Rome wasn’t built in a day,” and of course, he was right.   

Thankfully creating this blog is a lot like playtime mixed in with every day routine for me. During the day, I flit back and forth from my kitchen to the garden, with camera in hand, at night, new recipes, garden ideas and you tube videos infiltrate my dreams.

Shari in the garden

I find it exciting to plant a seed in the soil and then watch every day for signs of life.  I see the first green shoot poke its head from its bed and my heart skips a beat.  Nurturing my little guy from a tiny seed into full maturity allows me the freedom to dream of the wonderful things I will do with the harvest. I imagine recipes that taste better because I have used produce grown at home.

Fresh Picked Basil From Pure Grace Farms

 I love creating seasoning blends from basil, oregano, parsley, thyme, savory, garlic and peppers that cost pennies to grow instead of a ridiculous price at the grocery store.


This is my passion in a nutshell….to plant and grow food as close to nature as possible and to create food from the harvest into dishes that are simple, fresh, healthy and delicious.  

shari-4 Of course, I’m learning as I go. I welcome and value your input, suggestions and feedback.  I hope to inspire you, and be inspired by you as well. This site is not only about my passions in gardening, cooking, and preserving the harvest.

Tim and Shari

I would also like to know what some of your passions are and learn from you as we journey on this path together and discover all the ways to live a simpler, healthier, tastier and more independent way of life. 

I look forward to a nice long visit and hope that in time we will become good friends.

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