How to Make a Home Made Drying Frame

“Whatever good things we build end up building us.” – Jim Rohn

How to make a Home Made Drying Frame for Drying Fresh Herbs


Home Made Drying Frames

Materials Needed:

2” x  2” boards (1 ea ) 6’  length will produce an 18” square frame 3” wood screws Wood glue 1” roofing nails Galvanized Hardware Cloth, 23 gauge, 1/4 inch mesh

Tools Needed:

Drill & bit Screwdriver Hammer Wire cutter Saw

To build one 18” x  18“ drying Frame:

  • Cut (2 ea) 2” x 2” boards 18” in length
  • Cut (2 ea) 2” x 2” boards 15” in length
  • Cut galvanized Hardware Cloth to lengths of 17” x 17” with wire cutter
  • Predrill 1 hole in both ends of the 18” boards in the middle of the board and ¾” from the end
  • Apply wood glue on one end of both 15” boards
  • Use 3” wood screws to attach one 18” board to the glued ends of the 15” board
  • Repeat the process to glue and screw the other side of the rack
  • Stretch out the Hardware Cloth over the frame and attach with 1” roofing nails (or similar)


  • Rack size can vary according to your needs, but if you want the finished product to be square make sure to cut 2 boards 3” shorter than the 2 longer boards
  • Be sure to pre-drill holes for screws. Not doing this usually results in boards that split at the ends
  • Use of glue where the boards are attached greatly improves the strength of the joint
  • We used ¼” galvanized Hardware Cloth, but other sizes may be more appropriate for your needs

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    • says

      Hi Randall. We purchased the wood at Home Depot. Most any kind of wood would work from there or someplace similar. The important part (to keep the wood from splintering) is to pre-drill the holes. Thanks for stopping by.


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