Summers Last Dance

“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces,  just good food from fresh ingredients.” – Julia Childs

Summers Last DanceSummers Last Dance

Slowly I wander down the path, stopping to brush my fingers against a few leaves of basil. The familiar pungently sweet smell quickly assaults my senses and I smile. 


Farther down the path I spy vines of beans, their beautiful red scarlet flowers duck and weave between the rows of corn. A closer inspection reveals red petals scattered along the path, shuffled here and there by a playful wind. The beans are dancing their final dance.  


Summer is winding to a close and I stand in the garden with gratitude, thankful for all that I have been blessed with this season. My freezer and pantry is filling up quickly. I have had more than enough for our family and to share with others. As I contemplate the ending of one season and the beginning of another I do so with excitement for what is to come.

Tomato, Tomatillo Verde Sauce, and Hot Pepper SauceThe holiday season will soon be upon us. Halloween with little goblins and ghouls rushing with fervor from door to door, collecting treasures, joyful in their innocence. Thanksgiving, a day of family and friends gathering around the table, sharing a meal in a way that is seldom done anymore in our fast hurry up world. Then comes Christmas and the wonderful celebrations of the birth of a King.

Tomato, Tomatillo Verde Sauce, and Hot Pepper Sauce

If you are anything like me, the holiday season can be intense. So much to be done and not enough hours in the day to accomplish it all. Each year I begin with saying “It will be different this year” and each year as the holidays come around, it is pretty much the same. So, even though I am starting late (again), I will focus on putting healthy foods in my pantry that make it easier to get dinner on the table when time is short.

Tomato, Tomatillo Verde Sauce, and Hot Pepper SauceToday is about sauces. Tomato, Tomatillo Verde Sauce, and Hot Pepper Sauce nice to have on hand in the pantry for a quick and easy meal.

Tomato, Tomatillo Verde Sauce, and Hot Pepper Sauce

As the holiday season approaches, gather around the table. Eat, drink, laugh and tell your stories. Take time to enjoy family and friends. Life is a journey meant to be shared. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Hot Pepper Sauce

Tomatillo Verde Sauce

Italian Tomato Sauce

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