Preserve the Harvest Series: Monster Zucchini

Preserve the Harvest: Monster Zucchini


Preserve the Harvest Series presents a new fruit or vegetable every Tuesday with the goal of helping you get the most out of fresh fruits and vegetables harvested during peak season. Whether you grow your own fruits and vegetables, buy them at the Farmer’s Market or your local grocery store, it is good to remember the best time to preserve your bounty is when it is plentiful. Preserving the harvest stocks your pantry shelves and freezer with whole foods that you can feel good about, foods that taste great, and this approach saves you money.  A sane approach to sustainability! Next up…Monster Zucchini 

Preserve the Harvest: Monster Zucchini


Growing zucchini is one of the easiest fruits you can grow in a garden and the most prolific as well. 2 zucchini plants can easily supply a family of four for the whole year with plenty to give away also. After all danger of frost has passed, 2-3 seeds are usually planted on a small raised mound of soil with each mound being approximately 36″ apart. Once seedlings have emerged and their true leaves have formed, thin out the weaker of the plants leaving 1 plant per mound. After plants are established, mulch around zucchini plants to help keep soil cool. When watering plants it is best to keep the water at the base of the plant and keep water away from the foliage. This will help to prevent the common problem of powdery mildew that has an affection for zucchini plants.

It is best to harvest the zucchini when the squash is 8 inches or smaller for best flavor and tenderness. In a perfect world this is easily done, but I swear there are days when the zucchini grows 10-12 inches overnight. What do you do with the zucchini that is 6 inches around and 20 inches wide; a  monster zucchini that has taken over the garden? Preserving the Monster Zucchini is easier than you think and I have found instead of kicking myself for letting the zucchini grow too long, I can pat myself on the back for the great things to come from that Monster Zucchini later in the year.

Preserve the Harvest: Monster Zucchini


A Monster zucchini has a few things going against it when it comes to preserving. Water content is higher and the flavor and taste has been compromised. Usually when someone cooks one of these monster’s it is usually covered with large quantities of sauce and cheese to cover up it’s shortcomings. The other way to use up these monsters is making baked goods, like bread, cakes, cookies, etc. The latter way is a great use of these monsters but you have to make a lot of baked goods to use the whole monster up at one time.  Freezing the Monster Zucchini in the perfect proportions for the baked goods is the best solution.  The added bonus is being able to use it all year long when the Monster Zucchini is just a distant memory.


Freezing Monster Zucchini is not difficult but the water content must be considered for best success. 

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How to Freeze Monster Zucchini
Monster Zucchini is best used for baked goods. When using frozen zucchini, simply thaw and pour off excess water from zucchini. Use in your recipes as you would freshly grated zucchini.
  • Monster Zucchini
  1. Wash Monster Zucchini and pat dry.
  2. Cut zucchini in half lengthwise and remove all seeds and pithy part from center of zucchini leaving only firm edge of squash. Discard seeds and pith.
  3. Grate zucchini and place on paper toweling in strainer.
  4. Allow zucchini to drain, lightly pressing on zucchini to remove as much moisture as possible.
  5. Place in 1 and/or 2 cup portions (depending on your particular needs for baked goods) into heavy duty freezer bag or vacuum seal as desired.
  6. Label and freeze.

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    Oh- I needed this last year! I sadly, wasted a few zucchinis :( However, this will help with making zoodles in advance :) Thanks for sharing via Mommy Monday!

    • says

      You are welcome. Gratefully, zucchini season is just about done here and I have several packages of zucchini all tucked away in the freezer. Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and thanks for stopping by.

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    Like almost everyone else that has commented, I’ve never frozen zucchini before. I guess I alway thought it wouldn’t freeze well. Thanks for sharing this tip on Merry Monday.

    • says

      I took a chance a few years back and discovered it freezes perfectly for breads, cakes, pies and soups. I love that I can enjoy zucchini all year long and have something to do with the glut during the season. Thanks for stopping by.

    • says

      It’s great having those little packages to throw together a recipe during off season. I also can supplement stews, pastas etc with these delicious little morsels. Happy to share.

  3. says

    What a great idea! I had not thought about freezing zucchini. I look forward to trying that out and backing our favorite chocolate zucchini cake later!

  4. says

    Awesome tip! I wish I had this problem. This year our sqush plants got attacked by squash bugs and our harvest was barely enough for us to enjoy a small amount for ourselves this summer. But there are years when the monster zucchini you describe is in abundance, so this tip would be invaluable, and I’m sure there are others who will need it this summer. Thanks for sharing this on The Yuck Stops Here. I hope you’ll bring something great to the party next week. HUGS

    • says

      We are fortunate here at Pure Grace Farms to have very little issues with pests. Makes organic farming a breeze. Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to share. Love your party and hope to be there next week as well.

    • says

      Thanks. I have another monster sitting on my counter. Time to get busy with that one. I’m thinking i’ll dehydrate it and make zucchini chips for a delicious looking granola I saw a few days ago. Monster zucchini’s aren’t so bad after all :) Thanks for stopping by.

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    I love zucchini! It’s such a great veggie and so good in so many dishes! Awesome tips on how to freeze them! Saying hello from savoring Saturdays!

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      Are you going to put your bread on the blog? I would sure love to see your recipe :) Thanks for always bringing a little light to my day. Have a wonderful week!

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    It’s been a few years since I’ve grown zucchini, but I do remember it sometimes seemed like they would double in size just overnight! Your freezing tutorial is concise and easy. It’s great to have so much available in the freezer for use all winter long. Now, I think I’ll add zucchini to my spring planting list – you’ve inspired me! :)

    Thanks for sharing at Wake Up Wednesday!
    Karen recently posted…Wake Up Wednesday “Linky” #30My Profile

    • says

      Thanks Karen. It is convenient to have the little packages in the freezer when I want to throw a quick bread together. Makes it easy and I get to enjoy delicious bread in the middle of winter. Thanks for stopping by and taking a moment to share.

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    My dad always grew many different types of plants, including zucchini when I was growing up. And you are so right about zucchini growing like wild fire even over night. I will never forget this and thank you for sharing today how to freeze and preserve the excess if and when you do grow your own of this veggie :)
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop #87My Profile

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    I was given a monster zucchini by a friend at church and did similarly with it. I tried to squeeze as much liquid as possible from mine, but next time I’ll try being more gentle like you suggest.
    I made zucchini muffins with some and froze the rest.
    Julie V. recently posted…BLT PastaMy Profile

    • says

      Julie it’s okay to squeeze the heck out of it! It wont hurt it and will be a little less watery when you thaw it out. I didn’t realize I said gently until you mentioned it. Thanks for pointing that out. :)

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    WOW! You did such a terrific job growing your zucchini. They are beautiful. I love using zucchini in almost everything I cook. It has very little flavor and it absorbs all the flavors that I add to the dish. I recently purchased a Mandoline. I was so excited because now I have been fixing so many great recipes using zucchini pasta.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Diane Roark

    • says

      Thanks Diane, I had a neighbor pick our garden when I was gone but evidently she doesn’t like zucchini :) I had a ton of it. congrats on your mandoline. What fun an and wonderful creations one can make.

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