How to Choose an Invisible Dog Fence

How To Choose an Invisible Dog Fence I recently was asked if I would share a bit about the benefits of having an electric dog fence with my readers in partnership with and found myself thrilled with the opportunity.  I have used an electric dog fence at Pure Grace Farms in the past with our dog Einstein who tended to be a bit of an escape artist. I found it to be the perfect answer to keep him reined in without the costly addition of a traditional fence. The do-it-yourself setup was a breeze and took no time at all to put into action. Einstein quickly learned his boundaries and we could rest easy knowing that he was safe and secure. 

How to Choose an Invisible Dog Fence for Your Farm 

When you’re raising animals on your farm, you know how important proper fencing is. For pet dogs, fencing is particularly important, and you require a more impenetrable fence than you do for livestock. If you have a traditional fence in place already, an electric dog fence can be used to reinforce it against doggy escape attempts. You can also use an invisible fence to keep your dogs contained without erecting a barrier that also becomes an obstacle for you. There are many different types of invisible dog fences, so here are some tips to help you choose the right system for your farm, ranch, or property.

What are Your Containment Needs?

How to choose an Invisible Dog Fence There are many different ways an invisible dog fence can be used. It can be used at the perimeter of your property to enclose your entire farm. You can also use it more specifically, such as to create a “dog zone,” stop dogs from entering your garden, keep dogs away from chickens or other livestock, or keep dogs safe from a pond or well, among many other uses.

 The size of the area you want to enclose is important to know. For a large area with specific boundaries, an underground dog fence will be needed. Some dog fences have capacities of 10 acres, while others can enclose up to 100 acres. For a less customized dog zone, a wireless dog fence is easy to set up, and it’ll contain your dogs up until a certain radius, usually less than 2 acres. Some wired dog fences also support exclusion zones – smaller areas within the dog’s zone that are off-limits. You’ll want to get a dog fence that supports exclusion zones if you want to give your dog essentially the run of the farm except for certain areas, like a chicken coop.


How Many Dogs Do You Have?

How to choose an Invisible Dog Fence Each dog that you own will need to wear an e-collar that works with your dog fence. Most wired dog fences can support an unlimited number of e-collars, although a few do have limits. Most wireless dog fences can support only two e-collars at a time. If you have more than two dogs, you will most likely need to use an underground dog fence rather than a wireless.


How Big are Your Dogs?

big dog Standard e-collars are not always appropriate for all dogs. Invisible dog fences usually include one standard e-collar, and separate e-collars can be purchased. If your dog is smaller than 10 pounds, you may need an e-collar designed for small dogs, which has a less intense corrective shock, like the PetSafe Little Dog. If your dog is very large or very stubborn, you may need an e-collar that’s designed to give off a more intense corrective shock, like the PetSafe Stubborn. The PetSafe YardMax invisible fence will work with both of these special e-collars. Not all dog fences support them, however, and others may or may not have their own e-collar variations. 


Do You Want a Remote Trainer?

Some e-collars also have built-in remote training capabilities. Remote training is used to deter bad behavior in dogs, such as incessant barking. Remote training e-collars come with separate controls that allow you to administer a corrective shock whenever your dog is exhibiting the behavior you want to deter. It helps teach them that the behavior is unacceptable. Not all e-collars support remote training.


What’s Your Budget?

The great thing about invisible dog fences is that they can be purchased for less than $300 total, making them affordable on just about any budget. Installation costs can be high, however, so going to the DIY electric fence route can save you more than $1200. Anyone can install their own dog fence as a weekend project. If you want a wireless system, or if you need to buy extra wire to enclose a large farm, the total cost will be slightly higher. One way to save money is by choosing a system with rechargeable e-collars, because otherwise you’ll need to purchase new e-collar batteries 2-4 times per year at about $10 each.


Invisible fence reviews and comparison charts can help you compare the features and limitations of the different fences you are considering for your farm. All invisible dog fences are not created equal, but when you choose a good system for your needs and dogs, you should be satisfied with the safety, versatility, and peace of mind it offers.


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