3 Easy Ways to Freeze Strawberries: Method 3 – Light Syrup Pack

3 Easy Ways to Freeze Strawberries

3 Easy Ways to Freeze Strawberries: Method 3 - Light Syrup Pack
THINGS YOU WILL NEED: Non-reactive bowl (basically anything not aluminum). Medium sauce pan. Mixing spoon. Paring knife or strawberry huller. Measuring cup. Plastic freezer containers (I use pints).
  • 6 cups Prepared sliced/halved strawberries
  • ½ cup Brown sugar or ¼ cup honey
  • 2 cups Water
  1. If using brown sugar- bring to a boil ½ cup sugar with 2 cups water (If using honey - place ⅓ cup honey in bowl and add 2 cups hot water). Stir until brown sugar or honey is completely dissolved.
  2. Chill syrup.
  3. Prepare strawberries by lightly rinsing to remove any dirt or debris and hull with a small paring knife or a strawberry huller. Slice, cut in half or leave strawberries whole according to your preference and place prepared berries in mixing bowl and place in clean pint freezer containers
  4. After syrup has chilled pour syrup over prepared strawberries leaving ½ inch space at the top for expansion of strawberries while freezing.
  5. Seal, label and freeze.

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