How to Freeze Hot Peppers
It is important to be careful when handling peppers. The capsaicin which produces heat in peppers can leave a residue on your hands. When it comes in contact with your eyes or sensitive skin, it can really burn. Capsaicin is found concentrated mostly in the seed and veins of the pepper. Always wear gloves for protection.
  • Hot Peppers
  1. Rinse peppers, core and remove all seeds.
  2. Slice, chop, or dice according to preference.
  3. Flash Freezing
  4. Place parchment or wax paper on baking sheet.
  5. Spread prepared peppers evenly onto baking sheet. Best results if peppers do not touch.
  6. Place in coldest part of freezer and freeze peppers.
  7. Once peppers have frozen, remove from paper and immediately place in heavy duty freezer bag.
  8. Remove air from bag as much as possible.
  9. Label and date bag.
  10. Return bag to freezer.
  11. Freezing in portion size
  12. Place peppers in heavy duty freezer bag in portioned amount for individual recipe.
  13. Label and date bag.
  14. Freeze.
  15. Return bag to freezer.
Freezing peppers to be used as needed in varying amounts is best done with the flash freeze method. Peppers will not stick to each other and will make it easier to grab a handful here and there.

If freezing in specific portion sizes for recipes, it is okay to go for the quick method, because the peppers will separate as they thaw and it is not such a big issue when you are using the whole bag.
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